Do you want to Live in Harmony with Nature? try the Gyrotonic Expansion System...

Life is vortex. Life spirals. Do you want to live in harmony with nature? 

Nature, Sacred Geometry

Nature, Sacred Geometry

Of course you do.

There is a feeling to Gyrokinesis or Gyrotonic exercises that just feels "right". It feels natural, effortless, supportive, and pleasurable. It allows the body some relief and gives it what it has been longing for - natural movements, based on basic rules of physics. This allows more efficient energetic support. How does it get any better than this?

The Gyrotonic Expansion System allows the body to move as it truly wishes to -- as a physical object in space and time, within our solar system that is continuously vortexing through space (see amazing video below!!). The body is no different than other physical objects, in space and time.

Baby's head - the "twirling point" 

 Buckminister Fuller (1975) described "discrete quanta", by observing planets as isolated compression elements held in place, by the invisible, but pervasive force of gravity. He realized that everything in the universe is trying to minimize energy and stabilize itself through continuous tension and local compression.

The body is made up of vectorial relationships - forces and directions - with various frequencies - different levels of complexities within a system (such as the body). The body is a synergistic system, that cannot be predicted by the sum of the individual parts, but rather by INTERACTIONS - the combined effect of individual parts.  

 Nature frequently displays simple patterns and shapes, that are the result of basic rules of physics. The term biotensegrity is used to describe the inherent structural forces that are active within nature. 

The Gyrotonic Expansion System is about teaching these core principles and connecting with our physical bodies as they truly want to move in space and time, as a vortex, spiral in motion.



Our bodies are very complex tensegrity structures! 

Our bodies are very complex tensegrity structures! 

Video:  By Nassim Haramein & DjSadhu

Exercise should not be about pushing yourself through any pain and should not create more muscular (and emotional) tension than we already carry in our body. This is hard to withstand in our fast-paced, industrial, high-demand, stressful, and sedentary lifestyles, treating our bodies more like machines, than living, creative, expansive, energetic, emotional, dynamic, moving organisms.

Exercise shouldn't be based on external forces, including for example, using superficial muscle groups to lift and move rather than inner, balanced structural support … or even extending to the external forces of social pressure that exist and result in putting a lot of pressure on ourselves to "burn those calories". We have been taught how to externally push ourselves, with slogans such as "pain is gain", and this can potentially lead us to overlook internal messages from the body that may be trying to signal an important message - such as pain or discomfort.

This external force can also result in the overcompensation of different muscle groups. Thus, the muscle groups  - usually the smaller micro ones that are key to supporting the joints and ligaments in movement, the ones that should become activated for functional and efficient movements, end up becoming weaker, misfire, or don't even get used at all. This can in turn throw the body's architecture off of it's axis, and lead to compression/tension/discomfort and injury.  It hard to deny that there may be a slight, modern obsession of overexerting ourselves and also, possibly, that many people are out of touch with their body and it's intelligently designed micro architecture. 

Exercise based on the Gyrotonic Expansion System is about connecting to the body within, on this deeper ('micro') level. It is about accessing internal ('organic') qualities of movement, in order to carry out supported, integrated, and coordinated, whole body movements.  "Intention is the driving force of movement" - as Juliu Hovarth, creator of the Gyrotonic Expansion System says. This internal and fluidic (smooth) movement is the basis for establishing core health. 

Life is so much more enjoyable when we can move with pleasure and ease in space and time, when we just stop to become aware of and to embrace the natural physical laws of reality.  We are energetic physical bodies that are continuously growing and moving, just like all of other energetic life around us.

Energy is a part of life. Life IS energy! And it is important to allow this energy to flow through the body - for many reasons that requires a whole other blog post dedicated to it (but for example - to have good circulation (blood, cerebrospinal fluid, lymphatic), respiration, digestion, sleep, metabolism etc.). 

That is why it is important not to push beyond where the internal (organic) movements are free, or else the movement will be corrupted and will not have full completion (the physical endpoint is usually too far and therefore, you are not open anymore). When you only go to where you are free, you can maintain openness of the body, which provides a suitable environment for energy to flow through and circulate, as well as carrying out full, circular/3-dimensional, completion of movements. 

This is the opposite of creating tension and compression within joints and ligaments, which actually causes the energy flow to get stuck, eventually leading to injuries, build-up, and disease. Many times, this requires the movements to automatically get smaller in order to find the internal feeling - and that is okay! It is better to reprogram and establish a solid base of support, that promotes and activates functional neuromuscular connections, which eventually can support larger movements when the body is ready for them and still be able to maintain an openness (freedom). The internal movement should also have a smooth fluidity and rhythmic quality to it, so you can "re-learn" how to use your own breathe to instigate and support all bodily movements. This is what I mean by "organic sense of movement" rather than externally forced movement. 

The Tricycle Daily Dharma I received in my email today goes, I think, beautifully with this blog post I wrote. It emphasizes how important it is to connect with the openness of our true nature in order to stop suffering. And, this openness allows lovingkindness to oneself, which adds to why the Gyrotonic Expansion System, which promotes maintaining an openness of the body and breath, makes you feel  so good, at ease, and in harmony with nature. 





From video:  "Our solar system moves through space at 70,000 km/hr. The sun is like a comet, dragging the planets in its wake. "Rotational motion" and "vortex motion" are two completely different things. Life spirals. Life is vortex, not just rotation."

Here is another video based on Buckminister Fuller's ideas about "Doing less with more" - though it is based on architectural engineering, it is about designing to create sustainable wealth. However, try to think about how this can be related to the architecture of our bodies, and how we move within time and space in sustainable ways - and then... try some Gyrotonic expansion system to experience how you can move sustainably in your own body, since this is an intelligently designed and efficient method that can help you on your way to living with joy and ease!